What is DFD ? Full Form of DFD ?

What is DFD ?

DFD (Data Flow Diagram) are the most commonly used way of documenting the process of Current and required systems. DFD is a Graphical Representation of a System’s Data and How the Processes Transform Data. It is also Known a ‘Bubble Chart’. Unlike Flowchart, DFDs, do not give detailed description of Modules, but Generally describes a System’s data and how the data interact with the system.

What is DFD ? Full Form of DFD ?

Following are the Important Points Regarding DFD:-

  1. A DFD is a simple graphical Formalism that can be used to represent a system in terms of input data to the system, various processing carried out on these data and the output generated by the system.
  2. It is hierarchical graphical model that shows the different processing activities or functions that the system performs and the data interchange among these functions.
  3. It represents the flow of data in a system.
  4. It describes what data flows (logical) rather, than how they are processed.
  5. It enables the development of models of information domain and functional domain at the same time.

What is Full Form of DFD ?


What are the Components of DFD ?

Components of DFD :

Following are the Components or Primitive Symbols used for Constructing DFD’s:

  • Process :- A Function or Process or a Bubble is Represented using a circle. It transforms incoming data flows into outgoing data flows.
  • External Entity :- A Rectangle Represents an External Entity. It defines a Source or destination of System data.
  • Data Flows :- An arrow is used as a data flow symbol. It identifies data in motion. it represents data flow occurring between 2 processes or between external entity and a process in the direction of data flow arrow.
  • Output :- Output box is used when a hard copy is produced and the user of the copies cannot be clearly specified or there are several users of the output.
  • Data Store :- Open box represents data stores, Data store represents a logical file, a data structure or a physical file or disc. Each data store is connected to a process by means of a data flow symbols.

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