Menstrual Hygiene : Tips for good menstrual hygiene

Menstrual Hygiene : Tips for good menstrual hygiene

Menstrual Hygiene : In this article we’re going to tell what Hygiene you have to follow during your Menstruation period. As we know Menstruation is a healthy biological process. But some people take it as a hesitation. So in this article we will tell how to take care of Hygiene during your periods.

What is menstrual health and hygiene?

Mentrual health and hygiene means to absorb or collect period blood. Due to lack of knowledge rural area female die during their menstruation time. Due to lack of proper facilities, guidance many female lost their life in their Menstruation period. In rural area woman do not get proper sanitary pads and proper facility to dispose the used product. Not only Our Country but also woman not getting proper hygiene in developing countries as well. Woman not getting clean water, toilet, sanitary pads.


Some woman thought periods are dirty. But just remember one thing why you bleed. You bleed every month because you don’t get pregnant. In world many culture or religions thought periods are dirty, but just remember Medically it is not true. Many doctors says period is ally about woman fertility.

So, next time you are on your periods, take note of these tips:

Change your sanitary pad regularly-

Menstrual Hygiene

Sanitary pads are item which is wear in the underwear during menstruation. Remember pads has to be clean and well sterilized. You have to change pads 2-3 times according to your menstruation flow. If flow is high you have to change it 3-5 times in 2-3 hours.According to your Menstruation state change your pads in every four to six hours. Using same pads for entire day is not only creates irritation, infection or UTI but also unhealthy. Always use good quality Sanitary pads.

Always keep in mind proper disposal after every use-

After use of sanitary pads always throw it. Because it creates bacteria or other harmful virus which is not only good for your health but also it may infect others. Make sure you throw it in dustbin to avoid the spread of bacteria near by. Also do not forget to wash your hands properly with soap or hand wash or clean water. Always remember your hands should be clean when you touch your genital area. If you are office worker and you have to work in office then carry hand sanitizer. After every pads changing process clear your hands properly with hand sanitizer and clean water.

Wash yourself properly-

Wash your genital area properly at least 3-4 times a day with clean water. This may reduce the infection chance. Also cleaning with clean water will remove harmful bacteria. Make sure your vaginal area is properly clean. Use clean water to clean your genital area never use any kind of chemical or chemical soaps or other chemical product. It may harm your genital area.

Wear clean undergarments-

Make sure you wear fresh and well cleaned undergarments everyday. Dirty or unclean undergarments may produce infection. Initial stage of periods use organic panty liners for better absorption of discharge. Never wear wet undergarments, it create irritation. Always use soft organic undergarment during your menstruation cycle.

Take nutritious diet-

During menstruation period keep yourself hydrated. Make sure you drink at least four to six liters of water in a day. Take proper diet. Add nutrition in your diet. Due to bleeding your body become weak, adding nutrition in your diet will give you more energy to do your basic work.

When to contact your gynecologist-

Menstruation is monthly cycle it comes and goes as per scheduled. But during cycle If you feel anything abnormal like, abnormal smell, more bleeding, change in color of bleeding, over bleeding, less bleeding make sure you contact specialist for this. Sometime many people ignore these small changes in their cycle which cause some serious health issue.

Beware of a pad rash-

One of the important precaution you have to take during your menstruation cycle is Pad Rash. Pad rash is occurs when you wear wet pad for long time. To prevent this occurring, make sure you stay your pads dry. If still you are getting rashes, use doctor prescribe antiseptic cream or something else. Do not use any other medicine. If rashes gets worse then consult your doctor immediately.


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